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Maria Ruiz: Maria Ruiz, played by Jessica Pimentel, is serving time for trafficking counterfeit jeans. Starting as a pregnant inmate dealing with postpartum depression, she later takes on a leadership role in the growing Dominican population at Litchfield. After the riot, she faces increased hostility and ends up with additional years added to her sentence, a consequence of being implicated by other inmates. Despite the challenges, she finds some peace through a restorative justice course.

Sophia Burset: Sophia Burset, portrayed by Laverne Cox, served time for credit card fraud. Initially, the prison hairstylist, she faces transphobia, harassment, and time in solitary confinement. Sophia’s story takes a positive turn when she receives early release, reconnects with her wife, and is shown living a fulfilling life post-prison.

Orange is The New Black

Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales: Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales, portrayed by Jackie Cruz, is serving time for selling fake LSD. Initially presented as part of the comedic duo Flaritza, Flaca takes various jobs within the prison seriously. Post-riot, she reunites with Maritza in an ICE detention center, attempting to assist her friend with immigration issues and becoming an ally to other detainees

Lorna Morello: Lorna Morello, portrayed by Yael Stone, is serving time for stalking, harassment, and attempted murder. Initially presented as a romantic and somewhat flighty character, her dark past unfolds as it is revealed she was obsessed with a man named Christopher, whom she stalked and attempted to harm. Her story takes a tragic turn when she marries a pen pal she was trying to scam, loses her baby, and experiences a psychotic break, leading to her divorce and a challenging prison sentence.

Poussey Washington: Poussey Washington, played by Samira Wiley, served time for a minor drug charge. A beloved character, Poussey’s compassionate nature and tragic death during a riot stir significant events in the series. Her death prompts the Litchfield riot in Season 5.

Brook Soso: Brook Soso, played by Kimiko Glenn, is serving time for illegal protesting. Struggling with activism and adjusting to prison life, her storyline is marked by a suicide attempt and an unexpected romantic relationship with Poussey.

Carrie “Big Boo” Black: Big Boo, portrayed by Lea DeLaria, is serving time, likely related to her gambling ring involvement. Initially part of Red’s family, Big Boo gets involved in various illegal activities, including assisting Vee and Nicky with drug sales. Post-riot, she is transferred to the Ohio prison, remaining incarcerated at the series’ end.

Maritza Ramos: Maritza Ramos, played by Diane Guerrero, is serving time for participating in a car theft scam. Known for her distinctive eyeliner, she finds herself detained by ICE after being released from Ohio. In a heart-wrenching turn, Maritza, a US citizen, is revealed to be undocumented and is forcibly sent to Colombia, a place she’s never been.

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Natalie Figueroa: Natalie Figueroa, played by Alysia Reiner, holds titles such as Executive Assistant to the Warden and Warden of the ICE Detention Center. Initially portrayed as an antagonist, Figueroa experiences character development, softening towards the end. She and Caputo embark on a positive journey, even considering adoption.

Joe Caputo: Joe Caputo, portrayed by Nick Sandow, holds various titles throughout the series, including “Director of Human Activities” and Warden. Initially a complex character, Caputo’s actions during the riot and commitment to restorative justice contribute to positive character development. His involvement with Taystee’s trial showcases his desire for justice.

Tamika Ward: Tamika Ward, portrayed by Susan Heyward, is introduced in Season 6 as a corrections officer and later becomes the warden. Despite facing challenges, including drug overdoses and contraband issues, Tamika works to implement positive changes, including eliminating SHU and enhancing educational programs.

Please note that this summary provides an overview of each character’s journey throughout the series “Orange Is the New Black.”

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