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About Telegram Apk Users of the well-known cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram may send and receive messages, transmit and receive media files, and have voice and video conversations. The Android Package Kit (APK) file for the Telegram app is referred to as the “Telegram APK”. The Android operating system uses an APK file as the … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

How ChatGPT Makes Profit: Unveiling the Success Behind ChatGPT

How ChatGPT Makes Profit

Introduction In the digital age, chatbots have become an integral part of many industries, revolutionizing customer support and user interactions. How ChatGPT Makes Profit: Unveiling the Success Behind ChatGPT ChatGPT, powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, has emerged as a leading chatbot platform, transforming the way businesses engage with their customers. In this article, we … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

How to Amazon Prime Day Sale Is Back Cheepest Earbuds Under 500 Rs

Amazon Prime Day Sale

Introduction Get ready for an exciting shopping spree as the much-awaited Amazon Prime Day Sale is back! If you’re in search of budget-friendly earbuds that offer great audio quality and a seamless listening experience, we have fantastic news for you! During the Amazon Prime Day Sale, you can grab two remarkable earbuds at unbelievably low … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

How to People like MacBook Pro 2017 ? Battery , Performence & Display

MacBook Pro 2017

The MacBook Pro 2017 model has gained a sizable fanbase and won the hearts of many people all around the world in recent years. This Apple laptop is a popular choice for professionals, creative types, and computer lovers since it combines a beautiful look with strong performance and cutting-edge capabilities. The reasons why people adored … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

What Is Digispark ? How To Create PAYLOAD In Digispark?


Hi everyone, Today, we’re going to discuss “What Is Digispark & How To Hack A Computer With Digispark.” My name is Yash. . What is digispark ? Based on the ATtiny85 microprocessor, Digispark is a tiny microcontroller development board that can be programmed over a USB connection. It may be used for many different purposes, … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

How to Cancel an eBay Order : 2 Easy Ways [ STEP-BY-STEP ]

How to Cancel an eBay Order At Tech X , we understand the importance of seamless online shopping experiences. Occasionally, situations arise where canceling an eBay order becomes necessary. This thorough tutorial will bring you through the procedure for cancelling an eBay order step-by-step, assuring a hassle-free outcome. We have you covered whether you are … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID: A Comprehensive Guide

Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID At TechX we understand the importance of being able to factory reset your iPad without the need for an Apple ID. We can help you take back control of your iPad whether you’ve lost your Apple ID or bought a used device with an unknown Apple ID. We’ll walk … বিস্তারিত পড়ুন